Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life in High Gear

Life has been so crazy. Not only did I only get about four hours of sleep over the weekend because of Sing-A-Thon but I've also had to stay up late trying to get homework done. There are some things that I'm not sure how I got them done on time.

Sing-A-Thon was so much fun this year. Not only did my boyfriend get to come for part of it but I also got to spend time with a lot of my sisters and found out that I was going to be getting a little. The raffles that I put together went over really well and a lot of people bought raffle tickets.

I had a huge research paper due on Tuesday so Monday I worked like crazy to try and get it done. I stayed up late and still had two more pages to write before class. I somehow managed to get it done in the short break that I had before class and even had just enough time to run to the library and print it out.

That night I also got my little as well as Kappa Phi initiated twelve new sisters into the sisterhood. It was a lot of fun and our family got several new members. We got lots of pictures and stayed out probably a little later than we should have but we had fun and that's what matters.

Hopefully the rest of this week will go smoothly. I'm so ready for the semester to be over. I just have to get through two more days of classes and a few finals. I'm so excited but I'm also exhausted. Good luck to everyone!

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