Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kappa Phi Sing-A-Thon!

Every year my sorority, Kappa Phi, holds an event where we invite the campus and others to join us for 24 hours of singing to raise funds for a charity or cause voted on by the sisterhood. This year we are raising money for a little girl who lives in the community, Amelia Griffin, who has Neuroblastoma. All the funds will go to helping her parents with Amelia's healthcare. Organizations on campus sign up to sing for half hour slots and there's games and raffles and just a good time hanging out with friends until random hours of the morning. We're always exhausted afterward but it's a lot of fun and a good time to relax before dead week and finals.

This year we're doing a Frozen theme and I'm in charge of the raffle. I've had a ton of fun putting things together and I really hope they do well. I scoured the Internet looking for ideas and finally narrowed it down to a reasonable amount of items. I consulted my sister for advice as well as she always has some fun ideas.

We're also selling snowflakes this year as an additional way of raising money for Amelia. It's kind of like when grocery stores sell hot air balloons or other shapes and you can put your name on it and they put it on the wall. I designed snowflakes which we're selling and then sending to Amelia along with other goodies and some pictures and videos after Sing-A-Thon. 

I'm really excited for Sing-A-Thon this year. It'll be a lot of fun spending time with my sisters and friends while raising money for a sweet little girl and helping to give her family a blessing this Christmas.

Kappa Phi Sing-A-Thon
December 4, 5 pm - December 5, 5 pm
Mac Activities - Ohio Northern University

If you'd like to make a donation to Amelia feel free to contact myself or Claire Beadle at


  1. Rachel- I plan on going to the Kappa Phi Sing-A-Thon tonight! I have never been before so I am looking forward to see what each organization comes up with. I think it is such a great idea to raise money for a local girl. Amelia and her family will be so grateful for the sisters of Kappa Phi. There is no better feeling than helping someone in need. Sounds like a great event. See you tonight.

  2. Rachel,

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the Kappa Phi Sing-A-Thon this year. I think it's a great idea that allows the entire campus community to come together for a special cause. In addition, it is special that the money raised from the event goes to a local girl living in the community. This event also allows students to take a break from studying and get in the holiday spirit before the final weeks of the semester. From what I have heard, the event was a success and sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  3. Rachel, I can definitely tell how much you love Kappa Phi. I think that's so awesome. It's good to be committed to something that does so much good for other people. I wish that I was able to go, but I missed it this year. From what I heard it went well and everyone seems to enjoy it. I'm going to make sure to go next year, I don't want to miss it again. The Frozen theme was such a cute idea! I'm sure that little girl loved all that you guys did for her. Keep up the good work!