Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sharing Speed

I'm in charge of the Facebook account for my sorority, Kappa Phi. It amazes me how quickly people can see the information but also how quickly it dies. I can post something and within several hours it can hit it's peak of traffic and then maybe get only a couple views. There isn't a huge audience so it's traffic peaks a few hours after I make a post and then quickly tapers off.

Even with a much larger organization I would assume it would have a similar outcome. A peak in traffic during the first day or two and then traffic would taper off. This really shows the importance of being on top of social media and making sure that you post regularly and stay on top of the posts you make. Not responding within that window can cause traffic to taper off and crucial potential members or customers can miss whatever information you present.

Being in charge of a Facebook page requires me to remain organized, be cognizant of when I post, how it's presented and make sure I keep track of any comments I may need to respond to on a daily basis. I also like to keep track of when people may be posting about the organization or on the Facebook wall so that I can respond as needed.

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