Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Tough Week

So after everything that happened after my last post I went home and was able to reconnect with some old friends. It was great seeing them. One downside is that I ran into my ex but it wasn't the worst situation. Just a little uncomfortable and my anxiety started to act up. Luckily my friends saw that I was anxious and took me away from him and we sat and talked for awhile.

It's tradition that my sister and I go over and help my grandma cook Thanksgiving dinner the night before so Wednesday night we both went over and helped her prep. I'm always in charge of making the Mac and Cheese so I made a giant triple batch and we made a little extra to eat that night.

The next morning, Thanksgiving, I slept in then had breakfast with my family while we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My grandma said that my cousin, who lives with her, was sick so I decided not to go over as early as I had intended in order to lessen the chances of getting whatever she had. I did go to my grandma's a little early in order to help her get everything ready. We had a smaller Thanksgiving this year which was nice. Normally there's anywhere from 15-17 people but this year we only had 9 which was a record low. There were several people sick so that made the number lower too. It was a delicious meal and we all helped clean up before heading home.

Black Friday I had to work so I got up at some crazy hour early in the morning and went to work. My boss knows that I love straightening and organizing the store so this year she had me do something a little different. Instead of running around doing customer service and ringing people out she had me work without a uniform and just in my normal clothes. I was in charge of restocking, straightening and organizing the store while the other employees helped the customers. I had so much fun. Whenever I go home and work I'm always in charge of refolding all the t-shirts. Apparently I do it the best. Our back room was also looking pretty crazy so I was also able to make that look better.

After work I went home and ran some errands before my boyfriend came to visit. He only got a little lost in the dark and once he got there we sat down to dinner. After dinner he wanted to look through my dad's Magic the Gathering card collection so I sat on the couch while he sat on the floor looking through cards. As I sat there I started to feel a little weird, like dinner wasn't sitting well, so I took a Tums and sat back down. A little while later my mom and sister said something about feeling a little off. A little while later I heard one of the run to the bathroom. In less than an hour all three of us were swapping in and out of the two available bathrooms. My poor dad and boyfriend were great and took care of us three sick girls.

By Saturday morning I had stopped emptying my stomach but I still felt absolutely horrible. My poor boyfriend, bless his heart, had slept on the other end of the couch from me and woken up every time I got sick. He took great care of both me and my sister and without him and my dad there is no way us three girls would have made it through the night. We spent all day Saturday just sleeping on and off and watching movies. All of us were exhausted and us girls could barely eat anything. My boyfriend and I watched some Supernatural as he is still flying through it. He just hit season 8. After falling asleep on the couch again I finally felt good enough to move up to my bed.

Sunday morning my mom and mentioned going to church but I was just not feeling up to it. She made breakfast and I was starving, I didn't get very far into it though before I realized that I still wasn't up to eating much. I ate a few bites then gave the rest to my boyfriend who always gets my leftovers. Our family always gets our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving break so that we can have it up before my sister and I get back from finals. That way we can enjoy it the entire time we're home for Christmas. We mostly felt up to it so we all piled in the car and went to find a tree. We were all exhausted so we didn't spend too much time choosing a tree. My boyfriend carried into the house for us and then promptly managed to try to pick it up and it fell on top of me. It was quite the scene and we were all laughing and my sister told us to stay still so she could take pictures.

After expending energy with the tree I was exhausted so we relaxed for a bit then slowly started decorating the tree. I could only stand and help for a short time before I had to sit down and rest. With four of us helping it didn't take long to decorate the tree even with all of us needing a break now and then. We watched our Holiday favorite, White Christmas, then my boyfriend and I headed home.

It wasn't till Tuesday that I finally started to be able to eat again and even then I was still having issues finding something that sounded good. I also couldn't eat very much before my stomach starting feeling off. My dad and boyfriend both ended up getting sick after we did as well. When my dad researched what we had he found something that mimics food poisoning that stays in your system for up to 21 days or something like that. I really hope that I don't continue feeling this exhausted and unable to eat normally until almost Christmas but at least I can eat now.

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