Monday, November 23, 2015

Tough Week

This last week has been one of the hardest weeks I've had in a while. It started out with multiple days with migraines hitting me at random intervals. This made getting homework done or focusing at all extremely difficult. Then our department found out we had lost one of the theater students to suicide. It hit all of us really hard and I, once again, wasn't able to get much done. Needless to say I was grateful for my professors being understanding and giving me extensions on certain projects.

Thankfully my weekend was much better. My boyfriend had been telling me for a while he had a bunch of surprises planned for this weekend. When I got there the first thing he did was give me an adorable stuffed cat. We were able to hang out for a little bit and then he had to go to work. I hung out with his family and watched a couple of movies. When he got home I helped him heat up some dinner and then we talked for a bit before heading to bed.

The next day we relaxed for most of the day and watched Supernatural. I only recently got my boyfriend to start watching it and he's managed to watch 5 seasons in less than two months. We tend to binge watch it when we hang out. It's a lot of fun. He took me to Denny's for lunch and for dinner we went on a double date with two of his best friends who are dating. On the way to the restaurant we stopped and my boyfriend got me 2 dozen carnations in my favorite colors. For dinner we went to a Japanese Steakhouse which was a new experience for me. We sat at a hibachi grill and the food was cooked right in front of us. It was delicious. I'm definitely going to have to go back some time. 

On Sunday we went to church together for the first time which I really enjoyed and then we ran a few errands and relaxed at home. Monday I had planned to head home but first my boyfriend took me out to the store and said I could pick anything out from the jewelry counter. I chose a gorgeous snowflake pendant with blue topaz accents.

His car had been in the shop so I dropped him off to pay for it and pick it up. While he dealt with his car I drove home ahead of him so I could pack up my things to head home. I was only there about ten minutes when he called me and asked me to drive over to him. He then told me his car was on fire. He had been driving his car home from the garage and all of a sudden flames had started to come up from under the hood. Thankfully he was fine but the front half of his car was completely melted. I stood with him while the firemen finished putting out the fire and the tow truck hooked it up. Then I took him home and we made hot chocolate and got something to eat while he called everyone he needed to about the incident. I postponed going home for a couple of hours so I could be with him and make sure he was okay and then I took him to work before heading home.

Despite some things not going exactly to plan this weekend turned out to be a wonderful end to the week. The week may have been rough but being able to spend time with people I love and care about makes everything better. Even if things do go a little crazy at times.

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  1. Rachel,

    I am sorry to hear you had a bad week. I know in my time in college I have had plenty of those. Ultimately what it comes down to is how we respond. No matter what happens we chose how we respond to every situation. Once we can better control how we respond things tend to be more manageable. I am glad your week ended better than it started! The semester is almost over, keep up the good work friend!