Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Social Media and Community

Measure What Matters Chapter 9

Businesses, organizations, customers and employees are all parts of a community to be measured and connected with in order to maintain a successful social media presence. When a company or organization ignores any of these groups then it is in danger of losing a vital resource.

When businesses and organizations outside your own make changes or announce products or events it is wise to pay attention to how they present it and how well it works. Keeping track of these things can help you to improve without having to experiment on your own. Learn from others mistakes.

Customers will often post things online about an experience they had with your company or organization. Always make sure there is someone available to find and respond to these as it will enable you to have a real-time response when a customer poses a problem. Solving these problems quickly and efficiently is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on other customers.

Keeping track of your employees well-being and feelings about your company is also vital. Employees, and sometimes volunteers, are essential to the continued success of any company or organization. Their happiness will ensure they are quick to respond in a positive way when problems arise.

Measuring your community and being aware of the changes is a major component of a real-time social media presence. If you ignore the world around you there is no way you'll be able to survive for long. No company or organization can exist in a void.

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