Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Starbucks' Red Cups

There's been so many posts on Facebook lately about Starbucks and the fact that many people are upset that their cups this Christmas season are plain red instead of Christmas themed. According to these articles there have been many Christians that are upset about Starbucks not using Christmas themed cups and see it as an attack on Christianity and Christmas. Individuals who don't celebrate Christmas may see this as a way that Starbucks is including them, or they may not care.

I have no idea if these articles are accurate or if they're exaggerating the information. In my opinion the red cups fit into Christmas just fine. I also think that doing a generic winter cup with snowflakes or snowmen would have worked as well. Snowflakes and snowmen aren't going to offend any normal person.

Society is really being offended by everything lately. It's just getting annoying. I appreciate not wanting to discriminate but no one is trying to personally attack you or your beliefs with a red, disposable coffee cup.

Starbucks Holiday Cups.
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Posted by Internet Action Force on Monday, November 9, 2015


  1. Rachel- I agree. I feel like as a whole, society just likes to complain. It doesn’t matter what it is about, people like to be heard. It is a known fact, you can’t please everyone. Personally, I don’t think the design of a cup is a big deal. A cup is a cup. Starbucks is a company who values their customers and their satisfaction. It will be interesting to see how Starbucks handles their holiday cup crisis. I wish Starbucks the best of luck. I’m sure they will move forward quickly.

  2. Rachel, I recently just heard about this and this it is utterly ridiculous. The fact that people are mad over a red Starbucks cup is just stupid. Being a Christian myself, I see no problem with the plain red cups and honestly could careless whether Starbucks puts any Christmas themed decorations on them. I don't get what all the fuss is about. I think that Starbucks probably just doesn't want to attach themselves to a specific religion because they employ people of all faiths. Like you said, people get offended about everything nowadays, I think they need to just take a chill pill!

  3. Rachel,
    When I heard about the Starbucks cup incident and all the attention it was getting, I thought it was a bit extreme. I don't find the design of Starbucks Christmas cup that big of a deal, but of course others will. Not everyone will be happy with the design, but hopefully Starbucks can handle this that is please a majority of everyone!