Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Google Alerts

Measure What Matters Chapter 6

Google Alerts is a great way to keep track of what people are saying about you brand as well as measure the public response to what you are doing. Setting up a Google Alert is super easy but sorting through all the alerts and posts can be a lot harder. Not only do you have to sort through all of the alerts to make sure that they are all actually about your company but you also have to make sure that your alerts are set up to give you the maximum amount of information.

After you sift through the alerts and have them set up correctly you need to take the information and organize it in such a way that allows you to utilize it to demonstrate what you're doing well and to figure out what you need to improve on.

Social media and the Internet can be hard to keep track of and it's very easy to miss information, Setting up Google Alerts is a great way to have information on the Internet organized and sent directly to your email or phone.

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