Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Social Media and Monitoring

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Social media is a tricky thing sometimes. It requires constant attention and supervision. There has been many a time where I post something on social media and within seconds someone has already commented on it. If I don't pay attention or miss this it creates a missed opportunity for me to connect with a friend or other individual depending on if it is on my personal social media or an organization's social media that I am in charge of monitoring.

One of the ways I try and keep up with everything is by having different devices logged in to different accounts. On my phone I have my Facebook, Twitter and one of my Tumblr pages while on my computer I have a different Tumblr page, which is also on my iPad. My iPad is also logged into the Kappa Phi Facebook which I am in charge of posting on and monitoring. Doing this allows me to easily access all accounts without worrying about passwords or taking the time to log out and log in to different accounts on different social medias.

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