Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Social Media and Expectations

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As social media has become more and more popular it is almost always expected nowadays that an individual utilizes it to some capacity. Gone are the days when you would ask if an individual has a Facebook. Now the question is what is their Facebook. Twitter isn't as expected but Instagram is fairly normal as is Snapchat. Facebook is still the #1 though.

I was homeschooled throughout my entire school life up until college. Junior year of high school when I went to the high school solely for a theater program I was asked many times for my Facebook as I made new friends. They were all shocked when they found out that I didn't have one. I never felt the need to have one and because of my dad being concerned about security I just never got a Facebook. It wasn't till the end of my senior year of high school that I finally ended up getting one in order to keep in touch with my friends when I went away to college. I was disconnected from almost all social media up until I had almost graduated high school. I never had a problem with it. Any friends that I needed to contact I could just call or email. I would have to use the house phone to call since I didn't get a cell phone till junior/senior year of high school but I rarely called anyone anyway.

Social media is a great way of communicating with the world. Today it is expected that you communicate with the world via some form of social media. Let's not forget, however, that social media isn't always the best way to communicate. Sometimes it's best to put down your phone and close your laptop and actually step outside. Interact with people face to face, be active and enjoy the people around you.

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