Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Social Media and ONU

The ONU Twitter account was barely used during the homecoming festivities. Throughout homecoming there was one tweet containing the link to the schedule, one retweet from an alum and a tweet containing the link to pictures taken during the events. Those are the only tweets about homecoming on the Twitter page for Ohio Northern University. The university missed an opportunity to connect with alumni who were unable to attend homecoming.

The ONU Facebook was about the same with a post containing pictures, a video of the ONU marching band and a link to the days schedule. In addition they also didn't really post about homecoming the day beforehand. I have to assume that the University has alumni pages or something or else there is no real-time social media effort at all by the University.

My Storify recap of my first ONU homecoming experience.

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  1. Rachel -
    I completely agree with you on ONU efforts with social media throughout the weekend that they were quite poor. ONU should have been posting not only before the events, but also in real-time as they were happening, to keep their followers engaged. I believe that ONU could have done a much better job with their Homecoming social media and hope they did something to communicate with alumni when things were taking place and where. Next year, I hope ONU makes an improvement with their social media platforms and gets followers engaged and entertained in what is happening during Homecoming weekend, especially for the alumni that are unable to attend, so they will still know what is going on.