Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Social Media and Lies

In my previous post I talked about the fact that many friendships and relationships are made over social media. Which is true, but this aspect of social media also brings up another point. Social media allows people to lie about who they are more readily then if you are in person.

Many times all you know about a person on social media is what their profile says. There are times where the person posting is nothing like what is posted on their profile or they hide certain things. Some individuals even steal others pictures and use them to create fake profiles.

When you are making friends on social media it is important to be cautious especially when giving out personal information. Always make sure that the person you are talking to is actually who they say they are. To be fair, many times they may be who they say they are but you just don't know certain things about them yet. And that's fine. The concern is people who purposefully try to deceive you.

Social media can be a great resource for many different things. But it requires a certain amount of common sense. Think before you post and you life will be so much easier in the future.


  1. Catfish! I agree lying is too easy on social media. Far too many people are naive when online and believe anything posted. If someone knows how to navigate the traitorous waters of Facebook I think it could be used as a great communication tool. Plus if you figure out those people that do lye, it just definitely puts them in a different light.

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  3. Rachel, I have not read a more true post. People are not always who they say they are. Especially when it comes to those who are trying to hack and steal information. We all need to educate ourselves on what may be signs of something sketchy. I have a little experience with this situation. I had a very close friend who started talking to someone online and I warned her to be careful and not give away any personal information. She never did, but continued to talk to the person. As time went on she started getting weirded out about the situation and stopped it. About a week later an article in the paper came out talking about a middle-aged adult sex offender who was preying on young women via the Internet and my friend had been talking to him. Talk about freaky!!