Saturday, September 26, 2015

ONU Homecoming

Despite being a senior at Ohio Northern University I have never participated in homecoming events here on campus until this year. This year I was in charge of organizing everything for Kappa Phi to participate in the homecoming parade as well as their alumni meet and greet table. I spent the week before homecoming creating decorations for the golf cart we would have in the homecoming parade. One of Kappa Phi's symbols is a pink rose so I found cheap vines and made roses out of plastic tablecloths and attached them to the vines. I also found a large dragon kite which we attached to the top of the golf cart. Another thing I designed and had made was a large canvas banner that could be used for homecoming as well as for other future events.

The morning of homecoming I got up early and went to where the parade was lining up and met some of the other sisters. We decorated the golf cart and divided the candy for sisters to pass out in the parade.

After making sure the golf cart was ready for the parade I made my way over to the tent set up for organizations to set up tables so they could connect with alumni that came for homecoming. We attached the banner to the table as well as set up a board containing pictures of sisters on it. There were also brochures containing information about Kappa Phi and small cards with the Kappa Phi Facebook information.

One of the tables next to us had a large banner held by a stand which kept blowing over in the wind. The solution they came up with was to use packing tape to tape the base of the stand to the grass. Surprisingly enough it actually worked.

All in all despite being stressed about having to get all the Kappa Phi stuff done my first ONU homecoming was a success. I got a lot of compliments on how the Kappa Phi decorations looked as well which was encouraging. Hopefully I'll be able to come back next year as an alumni.

Here's a Storify recap of my live tweet from the day.


  1. Rachel,
    I'm glad to hear that your first ONU Homecoming was a great experience. I saw the golf cart in the parade and thought it looked amazing! I really liked how you hand made the roses, very crafty!

  2. Rachel- Sounds like you had your hands full! Planning events can be stressful but it looks like everything turned out great. I saw Kappa Phi’s golf cart in the parade and I thought it looked great! Creating vines and roses from tablecloths is a very creative idea. I would have never thought of it. Awesome job! I also liked that you included Kappa Phi’s social media information in your brochures. As we have learned in class, connecting with your target audience through the digital world is very important. I hope when you come back next year as an alumna, you’ll enjoy homecoming weekend as much as you did this year.

  3. Rachel
    You did an amazing job on the golf cart! It looked so cool in the parade, especially when a gust of wind would come, the dragon on top would move. It looked like it was soaring down the street during the parade. The little kids next to me thought it was pretty cool too. I'm glad you enjoyed your first homecoming and I'm sure Kappa Phi is impressed with all that you did!