Monday, September 14, 2015

Social Media and Gaming

My boyfriend and his best friend like to play games together so they decided to create a Twitch account and stream when they play their games. So far they've only played "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." I'm not sure if they plan on playing more games or not. They also created a Facebook page for their account in order to share it with their friends and hopefully expand to others. Warning: Live streams and videos may not be appropriate for all ages.

Since I'm already in charge of my sorority Facebook page I figured it wouldn't be that hard to add another page as well. I offered to help them manage their Facebook page since they would both rather play the game than manage the page and they aren't quite sure what they're doing in regards to managing a Facebook page. I'm hoping they will grant me admin privileges so I can add things to the page and post for them so that I can help them gain followers and watchers.

Twitch is a really neat site that allows people to live stream gameplay from PC or consoles and then save those videos. It also gives a live chat feature that allows watchers and followers to participate in the live stream. It's a really cool platform that helps the gaming community connect in a way that just recording and posting video can't.


  1. Rachel, I'm really intrigued by this site. So it streams live gameplay? Is it an app that you have to download to your console in order to use it? I'm kind of nerdy because I love to play video games too and this seems like something I might like to try. This seems similar to just posting a video on YouTube and letting others comment on it. But, is the difference just that it's live?

    1. I'm not sure how it works on the actual console but basically it allows followers to comment in real time as you're playing and it pops up as you play so you can respond. It's kinda cool and you get to listen to them play and respond to your comments. It then saves the video if you want to post it on Youtube.

  2. Hey Rachel, thanks for the content warning (haha). I've never heard of Twitch, but I have heard of friends live streaming games. It's a really cool way to connect with friends while playing and especially to see how fun games are before you buy them. Thanks for handing out the url for their Facebook, I'll check out their page.