Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reward Current Business

Real-Time Marketing and PR Chapter 10-12

Many companies and businesses have specials, deals and other rewards they use to entice people to choose their company when they have a need. Join now and get a deal on this or that service or product. It's a very common thing but is it the best option? Who has the most influence on new customers? Many times it's your current customers who are able to influence your potential customers the most. If a current customer is unhappy they can write reviews or tell their friends about their experience and that can turn people away from your company.

A good way to ensure you maintain current customers and have their help in engaging with potential customers is the reward those who are loyal to your company. Sending out deals and rewards to current customers as well as engaging them when they have issues will ensure they remain loyal and they will recommend your company to others.

Rewarding new customers is also a good idea but you don't want to get bogged down in the new customers and forget about your loyal current customers. Your current customers are the one's who uphold your company in the present and if you lose them then your company will go downhill. There is no way to gain new customers fast enough to make up for losing all of your current customers. So take care of you current customers and they'll repay the favor.

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